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Yamaha YZF-R3 Team Yamaha Blue

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R World is calling with the YZF-R3, boasting next-generation R-series styling and updated handling to bring it more in line with its supersport stablemates. Whether you're tackling crosstown traffic or a twisty road, the R3 is perfect for new riders who want a sporty machine that's also rider-friendly.

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Team Yamaha Blue
Engine Size
321 cc

PERFORMANCE Yamaha YZF R3 Team Yamaha Blue

Powering the R3 is a 321 cc, DOHC, parallel twin featuring a 4-valve cylinder head, 32 mm throttle body fuel injection and 6-speed transmission. Dig a bit deeper and you will find many of the high tech features found in our R6 power plant inside this engine too. Highway speeds are easily obtainable making the R3 a very versatile machine.

R-SERIES STYLING Yamaha YZF R3 Team Yamaha Blue

Featuring flowing bodywork and ergonomics inspired by the MotoGP® YZR-M1, complemented by new colors and graphics, the YZF-R3 is sleek, aerodynamic and refined.

EASY RIDING Yamaha YZF R3 Team Yamaha Blue

The R3 has been designed to provide a fun, enjoyable riding experience. To that end, the R3 utilizes a lightweight diamond type steel frame which is narrow and compact with a low 780 mm (30.7") seat height. Despite the cool super sport styling, the R3 offers a comfortable, upright riding position which reduces rider fatigue and increases the fun factor.


features and benefits


  • Lightweight, compact, 321 cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve (4-valves/cyl), fuel injected, inline-twin cylinder engine. The engine has been designed to provide solid performance right across the rev range, with very linear throttle response, low vibration & excellent fuel economy.
  • Downdraft style, compact combustion chamber
    • 4 valves per cylinder to enhance low-to mid-range torque
    • straight intake path into the combustion chamber for excellent power output
  • The YZF-R3 uses regular 87 octane gas.
  • Valves are 26 mm (intake) and 22.5 mm (exhaust) in diameter.
    • Isonite surface treatment on the valve stems for improved durability & wear resistance
    • valves feature carbon cutters on the valve stems to help reduce carbon build-up during slower speed operation
  • Valve adjustment interval is every 42,000 km.
  • Automatic cam chain tensioner.
    • reduces mechanical engine noise & maintenance
  • Lightweight, all aluminum DiASil cylinder (die cast all aluminum cylinder with silicone content).
    • offers outstanding cooling performance / heat dissipation for consistent power delivery
    • reduces weight since there are no heavy liners & cylinder is made completely of aluminum
  • Offset cylinder design.
    • cylinder is offset 7 mm relative to the crankshaft (to the exhaust side)
    • reduces frictional losses between the pistons & cylinder wall during the power stroke
    • improved power output & improved fuel economy
  • 180-degree crankshaft with uneven firing order.
    • helps reduce "pumping losses" for maximum power output
    • provides an interesting exhaust note
  • Gear driven "primary coupled-force" balancer shaft.
    • reduces engine vibration for excellent rider comfort
  • Lightweight forged aluminum pistons.
    • provide fast engine response
    • reduce weight
    • reduce mechanical vibration for excellent durability
  • Carburized connecting rods (carburizing is a form heat treating).
    • excellent strength & durability
  • "Closed loop" 32 mm throttle body fuel injection system.
    • system uses an idle speed controller (ISC) to maintain a steady idle regardless of engine temperature
    • 12-hole injectors for optimum fuel atomization
    • system is tuned to provide excellent rideability and linear throttle control.
    • close-loop system uses an oxygen sensor to "sniff" spent exhaust & automatically adjust the fuel / air ratio for reduced emissions
  • Airbox utilizes a viscous paper-type air filter.
  • Compact, 6-speed transmission.
    • ratios specially designed to suit the character (torque & power) of the engine
    • 5th & 6th gears are overdrive gears to reduce engine rpm at highway speeds
  • Compact, wet-type, multi-plate clutch.
    • ensures consistent, positive shifting
    • light, easy clutch lever pull.
  • Low-mounted, 2-into-1 exhaust system.
    • utilizes a short design muffler fitted with a 3-way catalyzer to reduce exhaust emissions
    • low mounted design centralizes mass for agile handling & lightweight feeling
  • Maintenance-free transistor controlled ignition (TCI).
    • produces a strong spark for fast starts
    • provides precise ignition timing / mapping for optimum engine performance at any rpm
  • Easy access spin-on type oil filter & engine oil drain plug.
    • fast & easy oil changes
    • oil change interval is 5,000 kms after the initial 1,000 km break-in oil change
  • Air Induction System (AIS... not ram air).
    • reduces harmful exhaust emissions
    • injects fresh air into exhaust ports to fully burn any unburnt fuel, further reducing exhaust emissions


  • Lightweight, diamond-type, high-tensile, steel frame
    • features optimized rigidity balance for light, agile handling with excellent stability
    • engine is a stressed member of the chassis, allowing a lighter, more compact main frame design
    • frame features a mix of both solid & rubber engine mounts
    • Electrostatic paint helps prevent corrosion
  • The riding position is one of the most important features of the R3. Despite its supersport styling, the R3 offers excellent rider comfort thanks to its upright riding position.
  • Key chassis geometry figures include:
    • 1380 mm (54.3") wheelbase
    • 25 degrees of rake & 95 mm of trail
    • 50 / 50 front to rear weight distribution
    • chassis dimensions and shape have been designed to centralize mass & lower the centre of gravity to provide the rider with light, agile handling
  • Tapered, long design, high tensile steel swingarm.
    • lightweight design reduces unsprung weight for superior suspension performance
    • excellent rear wheel traction & control
  • 37 mm KYB upside-down (inverted) fork offers 130 mm (5.1") of wheel travel.
    • plastic chip guards help prevent damage to the fork tubes & seals
  • Adjustable Monocross link-less rear suspension with 125 mm (4.9") of wheel travel.
    • features a single KYB rear shock with 7 levels of preload adjustability
    • adjustable design allows rider to tailor preload settings to match load & road condition
  • ABS-equipped 298 mm floating front disc brake squeezed by a twin-piston caliper.
    • provides solid stopping power
    • brake force & feel are tailored towards new riders
  • ABS-equipped 220 mm floating rear disc is squeezed by a lightweight, single-piston, slide-type caliper.
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS).
    • controlling ECU & hydraulic unit are combined into a single compact unit to reduce weight & centralize mass
    • when ABS system senses impending wheel lock-up (via active type wheel sensors) it regulates hydraulic braking pressure to the point just before the wheel or wheels lock-up
    • ABS provides excellent control under hard braking or when braking on wet, slippery or loose surfaces
  • Lightweight, cast-aluminum 10-spoke mag wheels.
    • front wheel size is MT2.75-17 fitted with a 110/70-17 tire
    • rear wheel is MT4.00 fitted with a 140/70-17 tire
    • Lightweight hollow axles front & rear.
  • Clip-on style handlebars.
    • provide a supersport image but offer a comfortable, more upright riding position since they are mounted above the top triple clamp
    • Handlebar position is 22 mm lower than previous model
  • 14-litre fuel tank with styling adopted from R1 and R6 models.
    • offers a slim design with great knee grip
    • "reserve" portion of the tank is 3 litres (low fuel light will illuminate)
    • tank is steel with plastic covers, which can reduce costs in the event of damage
  • Separate rider & passenger seats with low 780 mm (30.7") seat height.
    • offer excellent comfort
    • narrow-design rider seat makes it easier to touch feet flat on the ground
    • passenger seat can be removed & replaced by the optional Genuine Yamaha Accessory rear seat cowl if desired
  • Feature-rich liquid crystal (LCD) multi-function meter.
    • data includes speedometer, bar tachometer, fuel meter, odometer, tripmeters (2), fuel trip meter, gear position, flasher indicators, clock, temperature meter, fuel economy, oil trip meter, ABS indicator, adjustable shift timing light and high beam indicator
    • Warning lights: oil pressure and engine trouble
    • back lighting is adjustable
  • Race inspired full fairing.
    • New design inspired by larger R-series models
    • New design translates to a 7 percent reduction in drag and an 8 km/h (5 mph) increase in top speed
  • Race-derived air intake duct directs flow to the radiator
  • LED headlights with updated design.
    • Brilliant rear LED tail light
    • unique running / brake light display


  • Helmet holder
  • Lightweight aluminum footrests & mounts
  • Threaded mounts on swingarm for rear race stand
  • Excessive lean angle sensor... if unit is on its side the engine will shut down
  • Lockable steering
  • Folding mirrors with chrome plating
  • Stylish rear fender extension helps reduce splash in wet conditions
  • Lightweight, low-maintenance sealed battery (batteries should be charged during winter storage)
  • Yamaha Diagnostic Tool coupler is located under the passenger seat. This system can significantly reduce diagnostic time in the event of a problem.

features & specs


  • Lightweight, compact, 321 cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve (4-valves/cyl), fuel injected, inline-twin cylinder engine. The engine has been designed to provide solid performance right across the rev range, with very linear throttle response, low vibration & excellent fuel economy. 
  • Downdraft style, compact combustion chamber 
  • The YZF-R3 uses regular 87 octane gas. 
  • Valves are 26 mm (intake) and 22.5 mm (exhaust) in diameter. 
  • Valve adjustment interval is every 42,000 km. 
  • Automatic cam chain tensioner
Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8 valves (4 valves/cyl.), inline twin
"O"-ring chain
Wet sump
321 cc
32 mm throttle body F.I.
6.9 kg-m (50 ft-lbs.) @ 6,500 rpm
68 x 44.1 mm
TCI / Electric
23.5 kpl / 66 mpg (Imp.)
220 mm disc / single-piston caliper / ABS equipped
298 mm floating disc / twin-piston caliper / ABS equipped
Adjustable Monocross / 125 mm (4.9") wheel travel
37 mm upside-down fork / 130 mm (5.1") wheel travel
critical data
730 mm (28.7")
1,140 mm (44.9")
2,090 mm (82.3")
World GP 60th Anniversary Edition Yamaha Racing Blue Performance Black
1,380 mm (54.3")
167 kg (368 lb)
836mm (32.9")
25 degrees / 95 mm (3.7")
14 litres (3.1 Imp. gal.)
160 mm (6.3")